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Three years ago I wrote about my experience with AutoCAD/LT with my first ever full Windows Tablet HERE. It is the prayer of Paul, the apostle par excellence, which reveals to us how the divine solicitude for all the churches ought to inspire Christian prayer. The redemption is the source of the authority that Christ, by virtue of the Holy Spirit, exercises over the Church. The concise and clear statement from Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton, Pa. Bishop Martino released his statement for Respect Life Sunday. Pray for our country, as we cast our votes in a month, that we will not abandon the cross of Christ at the voting booth door and the unborn, elderly, handicapped, and vulnerableto the merchants and vendors of death. Read Bishop Martino's pastoral letter for Respect Life Sunday. courtesy of singtao. Heung Heung said that on the first day of work she already suffered a leg injury, then she got hurt in a fight scene with "the Malaysian Louis Koo". She was even all swollen from bug bites. She said although it was tough, the shoot was rather pleasant. Yun Yi said that they became sisters and would invite them to her concert. Heung Heung said, "I will help by putting up posters on the streets. " Yun Yi kept replying with thank you in appreciation. Yesterday, while buying a new pair of shoes, I noticed something interesting.

My wife confirmed the pattern from her own experience.

My first thought was that perhaps a high end brand could take advantage of the pattern by selling shoes individually—one to fit the left foot, one to fit the right—instead of in pairs. It then occurred to me that the mass market approach would be to routinely make the right shoe of each pair a fraction of a size larger than the left. No, it's not a big deal for Amarillo to get a blizzard. It's just that this one is particularly heavy, and for the second time in two weeks. The water was warmer than the air around me. And if I hear the term "blizzard-like conditions" again, I'm going to make some noise.

I was beset with Honey-Do's for this Saturday before going to the fire station for a shift.

She left and a few minutes later walked back inside. I checked it. Aha! Someone had siphoned our gas out in the dark of night! Cheeky buggers. and if I did, I wouldn't put any time into the "Casual Encounters" section. But since I've had this post brought to my attention, I have to ask: Wouldn't that be a little off-topic? Nothing about it sounds casual. It sounds quite formal, I should say. I'm chilly. I saw a bowl of red new potatoes on the counter, and thought I'd just bake a few right up in the microwave. Damndest thing I ever saw. Something about retaining just enough of the steam that boils out of them to help properly bake them.

Or whatever.

Anyway, I wanted the thing.

And it was in the laundry hamper, right on a pile of my daughters' and my own occassionally skid-marked undies and dirty socks. I ain't cookin' potatoes in that, 'til it gets a goodly cycle in the Whirlpool on Hot. I'm about to sit down to biscuits and gravy and sausage with LawDog and my Evil Step Mother, referenced two entries back. I'm off for two days, and will actually get to spend it with my family. Food and friends. Conversation and family. The frame is going for a repaint to Chris Anderson I believe but I have to check on that again. I hope to maybe get a photo when the Colnago is assembled.

The wheels are Campagnolo, the handlebars I have to look the brand up again when I go in the shop.

The pedals are what I think are the coolest Campagnolo ever. The crank is a beautiful Campagnolo. The finish on the crank is pretty rough so it will be polished off to a high mirror finish. Those who work in the NHS however know full well that, because weekend admissions are disproportionately emergencies, that mortality is inevitably bound to be higher. A recently published study has confirmed that patients admitted at the weekend tend to be older and sicker than those in the week. This may seem like the bleedin' obvious but it's important to have factual data to refute Hunt. So what do you suppose are the chances that Hunt will mention this study? I wouldn't hold your breath. To my mind there can only be two possible reasons why he persists so tenaciously with his factually flawed pronouncements.

That is, he know's full well that he's wrong, and that we all know that he's wrong, but he just doesn't give a fuck.

I recently came across a news article that is a perfect illustration. A would be assassin, an islamic fundamentalist, got close to his intended victim by hiding a quantity of explosives in his rectum and detonating them. The idiot got partly what he wanted, a martyrs death, but his own body took almost all the force of the explosion and the target escaped with a minor hand injury. The intended victim is quoted as saying, “He surprised me by blowing himself up”. All decked out in their favourite Team FatBird jersey tops, many of the Sunbirds were all excited about this race as it was not only the first time doing this course for most of them, it was also a time-trial of sorts to measure the progress of their Sunbird journey. In the end, they passed with flying colours, many scoring Personal Bests on what would be a tougher course than the typical road race. Once out onto the road, we quickly settled into our steady paces and into that long ride up and down the 'mentally challenging' Changi Coastal road.

The paces were tapered at various stretches due to temporary lapses of focus, but things perked up whenever there were shouts of encouragement from friends and fellow mates from across the other side of traffic flow.

Fortunately, that was not too long a stretch before we hit the beach stretch - it was here where most of the photographers were positioned, as if expecting the the soft sand to suck the final breaths from the unknowing runners. The skies remained overcast and cloudy, with even a few droplets of rain felt, affording a quick recovery for an easier coast home to the finish line to loud cheers and crowd support. Many of the Sunbirds reported better than expected finishing times and Personal Bests, a lot attributing the good showing to the tough hills and trails training they had experienced in the first phase of Ops Sunbird. Be happy in God, O my heart, and in nothing but God, for whatever a man trusts in, from that he expects happiness. He who is the ground of thy faith should be the substance of thy joy. Let God be all in all to thee, and joy in the fountain that is always full. And I love this poem too. image is from Mrs. W. at flickr. Having walked through His intended executioners Jesus eventually passed by a man who had been blind from his birth. When something bad happens it is not necessary that it be the cause of someone’s particular action. Your car accident, your child’s disease, or a loved one’s death may not have been the direct cause of something you or they did. Wherefore means, “for that reason or purpose,” which we simply think of as,” why. The greatest bondage that man and woman are under, besides sin, is death. Sin is the cause of biological death. Even atheistic evolutionists understand that death is an aberration although they reject the why and the how. Britain and France tried to check Russian moves by sending a joint fleet to encourage the Turks. Then, in October of that year, Turkey declared war on Russia. A Russian Admiral, Paul S.

Nakhimov, then destroyed a Turkish flotilla under Admiral Hussein at the naval battle of Sinope using new and improved naval guns that did enormous damage.

World History – Class SeventeenRome’s Final Defeat in the East and Europe is poised to conquer of the worldWe didn’t have time in our last session but I want to give you some names worthy of note with regard to New Testament Christians living in the Medieval period or Dark Ages and a few more Jewish names of note so that, in the event you pursue your education further, you will have at least have heard of these people. He argued that the central issue separating Christianity from Judaism was not the issue of Jesus as the messiah but whether or not Jesus was God. This is the dividing line between the two religions as per Nachman. Isaac Abrabanel was called the last Jewish Aristotelian, in that he followed the Greek philosopher Aristotle’s lines of thinking, as did the Roman Catholic church later. He was also very influenced by Christian Biblical interpretation. Stay tuned for further progress updates. . During this month of all-things-Seuss, it is a great time to practice the phonemic awareness skill of rhyme! Especially since many of Dr. Seuss's books are filled with rhyme, which act as the perfect springboard. Here are a few fun activities to help students with their rhyming skills. RHYMING BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN It's played like London Bridge is Falling Down, and is sung to the same tune. Two students are the 'bridge', the rest make a line-up and take turns passing under the bridge as they sing: Rhyming bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, Rhyming bridge is falling down My fair lady-o. eg. bear, chair Play continues until everyone has a turn getting caught & making their rhyme. To aid those who are not yet confident in their rhyming abilities, give a prompt such as: Can you think of a word that rhymes with. I'll be posting a response video next week as I have a new iPod that is also an insane flipCam, but in the meantime I have a video I am sure you will enjoy to consider against what you posted here:G. O. S. P. E. L. from Humble Beast Records on Vimeo. I'm not a rapper, or a humble beast, but my starting place with you, and to you, and for you is the difference between this video and yours. I hope you will look forward to it as much as I am looking forward to it. DVD Verdict concludes: "Signs of Life is a beautifully austere little film, almost intoxicating in its simplicity—it really gets to you by the end. " Time Out calls it Herzog's "most conventional" film. EW calls it "bleakly funny". Roger Ebert has an interview with the director. It won the Nebula and Hugo awards for best novel and the John W. Campbell Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. This was a real treat. I eagerly await more novels from this author. There, he encounters Emiko. Hello folks. another chat about the happenings over at Northern Spanking for you. Northern spanking have just released a wonderful new film, featuring Niki Flynn and Pandora Blake as Victorian maids. Remember, O LORD, your great mercy and love, for they are from of old.

Having learned how to refrain from disobedience and how to walk in the light, we are now ready for active, positive obedience.

They are almost always expressed in superlatives. For example:Rejoice in the Lord always. It is a requirement. The Scriptures do not qualify these imperatives, and we do not have the freedom to qualify them either. All of them are effortless on our part. The first is the death of Christ. Strangely, I'm both happy with this and a bit bummed. I'm bummed because I believe I'm in much better shape than this. On the other hand, my legs feel like marathon legs. They can keep going and going, but aren't tuned to speed. My legs are far from fresh. We decided to see how we would cope without it. Having done this I actually felt like a naughty schoolboy who has done something mischievous in the classroom. Included is my re-cladding and detail upgrade of the Metcalfe Models kit previously mentioned on this Blog, along with a host of other features. I built my kit over a number of evenings and it proved jolly good fun. Smart Models include some innovative design features, not least a fully detailed interior, but also in how the exterior corner joints are made. Finishing off the Trouts with a weathered finish After loading up my fleet of new Hornby Trouts, I decided to give them a lightly weathered finish. Despite some of the review samples that we received being in factory-weathered condition, I wanted something a bit more realistic than the uniform layer of light brown paint. This also helps to disguise any stains left by excess glue. A soft-bristled flat paintbrush gives best results with powders. Similar shades were also added to the outside of the hopper, with darker shades used around the recessed areas to exaggerate the shadows and bring out the best of the model’s moulded relief. Gently varying the shades adds visual interest and creates a more realistic appearanceFor the hopper chutes, I wanted some distinct streaking effects, so Tamiya pigments – applied with a cosmetic sponge applicator – were used. Negotiation is an art of war in subtle form. Sometimes, as a buyer, the position you are taking in negotiation will determine the strategy you will apply and the other party will also be on the prowl to carefully study your real position. If as a party involve in a negotiation, and you have done your thorough research on the issue and strength and weakness of your position and the opposition position,you tend to be either very confidence or you may be aware of the traps and hurdle you are going to face and adopt a cautious approach. Undertaking a research to your negotiation case and be prepare will be the best defense or attack strategy you will choose to make.

What is passive negotiation strategy? As the word "passive" by itself, it mean to be taking a quiet or low or no response strategy and keep all your thought to yourself.

In passive negotiation, you may either participate in the negotiation by being a listener and reserve your statement of intend or proposal to a later stage. You may also not directly involve in the negotiation but are represented by your subordinates or appointed agent. Boat, bus, train, bus, car. But not bicycle or pony and trap. m. , via Tattenhall Marina, Chester, Crewe, Stafford and Great Haywood. The only significant difficulty was walking all over Stafford, trying to find out where the bus for Great Haywood left from. But by then we were an hour ahead of ourselves, having made some very timely connections at Chester and Crewe. All in all, a rather unusual day's travelling. We didn't remember the locks on this stretch of the Shroppie with any great fondness. Some of the paddles and gates are seriously hard work. By the time you're ready to exit the bottom section, you really don't want to think to much about the wall of water being held back by the gates between the two parts.