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Many thousands of people had built their houses along both sides of and even actually on the dam.

However from above I could see the muddy water lashing at the dam with great ferocity.

I know the dam was going to fail at any second. Breda puts more eloquently the same thought that I had last night. I may occasionally pay no attention to the ache of that day, but it's never left me. Labels: History, musing, Other blogs, The Fall Of Western Civilization, worry. Great action. Interesting photography and superb CGI. Some interesting actors. Spartan women were, apparently, sooooooooooo hot. RHIP. apparently I didn't hit PUBLISH on my bloggie. Eeerrrrrr! Hate when I do that. I had a busy weekend and just looked and saw no card! yikes! So here it is. I used Sanford the Birthday Boy Stuffie . I have long suspected that there was something fishy about the economic defense for property rights in knowledge. I was never able to fully recover from that experience, and so I meekly let that research program die. But I am now very pleased to see that Michele Boldrin and David Levine have taken up the cause.

" The lecture, if you are interested, is now available online here.

There is much food for thought here.

The logic of his argument and the evidence he provides is quite persuasive, in my view.

But if you see any holes in his arguments that have escaped me, please let me know. no discovery of truth is useful. Your little write-up about FRPT seems suspicious at best. Inevitably the government argue these measures are necessary in the interests of our safety. “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ” Benjamin Franklin.

She yelled and called me names - A good read.

The Bible motivates us in many ways - “As important as justification is for the Christian, it’s not meant to be the only prescription in our pursuit of holiness. ” Kevin DeYoung. A ministry particularly suited to stay-at-home mums - Caring for elderly women, and being cared for in return. Gratitude is not contingent - 'There's a world of difference between my children saying, "I am thankful that you've cooked us this meal and I appreciate it," and my child saying, "Well, at least it's not fish, that would be even worse!" Yet, we sometimes give thanks unwittingly in just such a manner. Here's the second half of my story of burnout. Summer holidays have begun, and I'm jogging. Pounding the beach, praying, tears streaming down my face. I never jog, but I run to escape the weight I'm carrying. I feel like a soldier training with a weighted pack - only in my pack is the despondency I can't shake, heavier than ever now the year's busyness has ended. I'm tired of this. I feel so weak, so useless. A very sad day but I totally get it, Meredith! Thank you so much for all the thoughtful, godly reflections, and for your example of godliness in knowing when it's time to stop. They plow the field and plant the seed and cut away weeds and scare away crows, but they do not make the crop grow, God does. He sends rain and sunshine and brings to maturity the hidden life of the seed. We have our part. But it is not coercive or controlling. And there will be times when the crops fail. Just wanted to fill you in with lots of useless trivia about my life during the last week or so. The week started with our second weekend away in a row. Two wonderful weekends, but still exhausting. I worried for days about what would happen at court. God appeared to people in different ways. There is a vision, as in this verse and elsewhere where the person is in a trance but fully awake and God has taken over the person’s consciousness. He spoke to Samuel, Isaiah, Nathan the prophet, Ezekiel, Ananias of Damascus, Peter, Paul, and others in this way. This very early sketch of Kronos made it into Zeus: King of the Gods almost without a change. It's one of my favorite pages of that book. I'm not a big fan of the author, but he's well-respected and it's a short book. I don't know why his books fail to attract me. This one is no different in that respect, but I'm not giving up on the author. The Younger Son bought me the DVD for an occasion, and we've just now gotten around to watching it. It's wonderful! We all enjoyed it. They live inside your heart. David Hemmings stars. The film as embedded below lacks English dubbing in some scenes and has English captions that make no sense at all.

The music actively detracts from the experience.

Candy Darling is also here. This one was worth watching, and I'd be happy to watch it again with anyone else who might want to see it. AMCtv has some information. Food Blogging seems all the rage these days, and I see lots of blogs with great photos of exotic, tasty, pretty or regional must-try dishes. I feel so inadequate!!! I did suggest Chinese, but he wasn't having it. It is quite new but I believe he will be updating regularly with news, his views, reviews, information on his events and his rather geeky passion for spanking references in mainstream media. Here are two questions received by email. “What is the meaning of God’s will? What have I to do in order to do God’s will?” Here is a related question: “How can I know God’s will?”There are two expressions of God’s will that are ultimate in the Scriptures. The first is our salvation.

It is God’s will that you should be sanctified.

Again, all paid for in advance. I could just delete this post, but I figure there's always the chance that someone will think of a way to improve it. This is the second part of my ramblings about exponents. You should probably go read the first part before you read this! I don't think there was ever a moment in my life where I said, "Hey! That review game worked really well today.

It really helped to prepare my students for that big test tomorrow.

Everyone was fully engaged and asking questions about the problems they didn't understand. They had so much fun and I was really impressed by their good sportsmanship! I can't wait to do it again. .