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We eventually went to 'Really Static' to cache our web pages.

Now here is a really interesting question, is this chart relevant? For one thing WP Super Cache does not return cached pages to 'bots' and 'spiders'. That 'feature' can be turned off by deleting all the entries under 'Rejected User Agents'. I'm not saying "Get Off My Side!", but I'm damned close to it. I went to the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, a week and a half ago. It was a great time. I met lots of friends, old and new, and wished that I had showed up earlier, and could stay later. While there, I saw some news media types on the sidewalk, and about halfway hoped that they would ask me for a quote. Of course they didn't, and probably wouldn't have even if I had not been wearing media credentials. Most of us are armed. '" I skipped the political speeches. There are shades of gray. Most people tend to think of their political affiliations as falling along a single line, like this:But it's not really that simple. It's at the very least two-dimensional, like this: The above graphic is one that I sketched from memory, from a lecture by Dr. Robert Taylor in a graduate class on terrorism. This was early on in the class, and we were discussing what drives people that were allegedly on opposite ends of the political spectrum to take up very, very similar positions and tactics. It's funny how worked up people get in their identity with regard to which side of the centerline that they fall. I worry about the polarization that I see in our nation. I worry about the civil Cold War that looms. It seems that there's some outcry against a new device being marketed in South Africa to prevent rapes. The "Rapex" is a device that's designed to be worn by a woman in her vagina, to literally barb and trap her attacker's offending member when inserted where it doesn't belong. The device is filled with razor-sharp barbs that require surgery to remove. Apparently, this is just too violent, for some. "'Vengeful, horrible, and disgusting,' was the response from Charlene Smith, one of South Africa's leading anti-rape campaigners. Smith would understand something:One protects many. Just the fact that a few of those devices are fielded, and the fact that a few dastardly dinguses have been shredded, will deter a certain number of would-be rapists. Not a perfect answer. But in a world where rape can be a death sentence, isn't fighting back in some way, no matter how passive, worth something?Labels: crime, in the news, innovation, international stuff, self defense. Last night at dinner we violated our usual cultural standards for the meal and had a bag of Doritos on the table.

Nacho cheese flavor, if you must know.

Like a cereal box sports hero or a milk carton missing person, the chips had a picture and a story on the back of the bag.

Curiousity got the better of me, so I read it. " Whatever that means. I'm not sure if I'm on board with that. Of course, it is difficult to be against "good.

" And it is equally difficult to oppose young people who get off their pampered butts and try to offer something to society.

But, is this effort supporting charity and philanthropy or is it propagandizing? I don't know. A butterflies and green leaves surround this small house, creating a gentle, natural look that is right at home in the garden. Perfect for giving a home to a toad, field mouse, or just your imagination, the Celestial Toad House adds whimsical delight to your yard or garden. Good morning! Notice anything strange around here lately??? Yep. not so many post lately. huh. Well I have some things going on right now that I would definitely tell you all about in a few days. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. Irrespective of industry economics. In order to operate legally in China, offshore entities need sidestep substantial uncertainties regarding the proper interpretation and adherence to current laws and regulations of the PRC, including foreign ownership restrictions. It is unclear if extradition treaties now in effect between the United States and the PRC would permit effective enforcement of criminal or civil penalties of federal U. S. securities laws—which begs the question of effective corporate governance. Carolyn McCulley is a thoughtful, entertaining writer, and in this book she tackles the controversial topic of women, work and the home. The first few chapters - a potted history of work - kept me glued to the page. The reason we sometimes conclude these things is because of a post-industrial view of work and the home. Carolyn McCulley says, With the dozens and dozens of magazines, cable shows, and Pinterest boards, it's no surprise if you think about your home as an expression of your identity. Back in the old days, when I had two children, it was pretty easy for me to find time to read the Bible and pray. This seemed a little unfair. Other mums said, "It's so hard to pray and read the Bible! Every time I try, my kids climb all over me! My baby cries! My son wants me! They won't keep quiet long enough for me to pray!" But quiet times were still "quiet" for me. At six o'clock I woke up, made myself a cup of coffee and a bowl of muesli, and sat on the couch with my Bible. Suffer can mean to permit or to allow in context. Elihu says he has hardly gotten started speaking on God’s behalf. He’s going to reach for the best knowledge, for the deepest thought, for the greatest wisdom in seeking his knowledge from afar. He’s digging deep now, he says. He’s going to show his Maker, God, as being righteous. Finally, the woman finds out that her daughter has been delivered of this devil. But, these entities that are invisible to the human eye unless they take on a body do exist according to the Bible and according to the Bible they do operate in the bodies and lives of people. If you don’t believe that you don’t believe the Bible. If you don’t believe the Bible then you don’t know if you are saved even and your faith is based on your own feelings rather than a solid foundation. Devils exist and do cause many diseases and mental illnesses. Dr. Blvd full cover and centerfold Easyriders Magazine We don't need to work like chumps when there is this much talent.

We need new haters the same one from years ago are old, you really should get a life.

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Some of them are quite minor, but others are seriously major, and this is quite disturbing, for it means that the prevailing view of her is very far from the truth.

Katherine Howard was stupid. Many people, including some academic historians, seriously continue to believe that Katherine Howard was intellectually inferior to Henry VIII's other wives, some going so far to call her "stupid", "dim", or "empty-headed". Not quite the time I wanted, but oh well. I had pretty high hopes for this race going in - I've been feeling really good about my fitness these last few weeks. So I rested up for this race, hydrated and ate up, and hoped the weather would cooperate. Oh well. I had raced a half-marathon in warm conditions before, so I knew how to do it - carry a water bottle and start very conservatively. The words “breathless and enthusiastic” came to mind when I was putting together an introduction for my next interview. In fact, I soon discovered that this person has achieved and contributed so much to our society that it is amazing that she is still only in her early twenties. As you may have noticed, this blog has been quiet for a few months. I did not intend to ignore it for so long but it happened. At that point my intentions were good: I have a smartphone, I have a mobile OS tablet, do I really need a laptop too? I decided to give up the tether of the laptop and join the brave new world of truly mobile devices. Windows Live version of Google Docs? Dead. The true TV anchor is not just a talking head reading a teleprompter. In a textbook perfect how-to case for future TV news wannabe's, Joanne Joseph on Monday afternoon on eNCA brilliantly showed how the very best of TV anchors don't just repeat the words in front of them. She showed how they can uphold and represent the public interest - especially as far as government spending is concerned - in asking the right questions, and then doggedly continue to persist that someone actually answer them with real answers. On Monday afternoon Joanne Joseph interviewed the clearly out of his depth Lesiba Moses Kgwele, the spokesperson for the premier of the North West province. The evasive Lesiba Moses Kgwele simply couldn't or wouldn't do what the job entails - which is to answer what the media asks. Joanne Joseph however was having none of it. I expected part the second to follow quickly, but delays in the work and other issues meant it never materialised quite as intended. Other posts since have occasionally included something about the electrics, so part the nth it is for this one. It's always been a frustration that we couldn't moor Erin Mae up for long without worrying about the batteries. It's no way to treat your engine, running it just to charge them. I'd be thinking about them overnight, and then checking them first thing in the morning. As often as not they'd be down to half-charge, and I'd have to start the engine. That would strike us as a waste of diesel, and we'd feel the pressure to cruise for a few hours. .