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I ran across some pictures of a small job I did a while back to resurrect an old oak library table we found. We found the table at a local consignment shop near our place for a reasonable price at a time when we needed a new kitchen table. On closer inspection the top surface was pretty beat up and would take a major effort to re-veneer or restore. The veneer was peeling off and the corners had seen better days.

The legs and drawers were still in solid shape making it a good buy to spite the top surface.

The legs are quarter sawn oak or at least have good oak veneer. It looks like a government issue library table. The only thing missing is one of those old solid oak office chairs. It is before God that he laments his illness, and it is of God, Master of life and death, that he implores healing. It is the experience of Israel that illness is mysteriously linked to sin and evil, and that faithfulness to God according to his law restores life: "For I am the Lord, your healer. " The prophet intuits that suffering can also have a redemptive meaning for the sins of others. Finally Isaiah announces that God will usher in a time for Zion when he will pardon every offense and heal every illness. The reason for offering the extraordinary form of holy Mass is that our Holy Father has asked that we make it available along with the ordinary form of holy Mass. Basta. The superficial you will always have with you. One soul is of infinite value. One soul at holy Mass is enough for the Lord. I'm looking for this china pattern once again. Help!They are called William James Farmyard, blue rooser china. These are not old, but look so rich,,and I am seriously collecting them for my sister. Just email me if you know of "any" piece for sale. Thank you!. Diner: "Waiter, it says hasenpfeffer on the menu. Is it really rabbit?" Waiter: "Yes, sir. " Diner: "Fifty-fifty? Just what does that mean?" Waiter. "Fifty-fifty. One of each. " Inspired by my previous post. Samsung has just announced at Barcelona a new cell phone, the Beam, that they expect to have on the market this summer. A cute gadget, although not one that I am likely to have much use for. I do, however, have one suggestion for improving it. The Beam lacks a hardware keyboard, and so will use the usual on-screen virtual keyboard. One disadvantage is that the keyboard takes up a good deal of the screen, reducing how much else you can see. On the face of it, dead is dead.

Yet many people, perhaps a majority both now and in the past, don't believe it.

Why?The obvious explanation for the belief in life after death is wishful thinking. I don't want to believe I am going to die. I don't want to believe that those dear to me are going to die. I don't want to believe that those dear to me who have died are really dead. With enough effort, and help from those around me, I can convince myself not to. So Dad and I left a wedding on Saturday night, and drove across the Texas Panhandle and the Oklahoma Panhandle to end up in Colorado, at a blogmeet first proposed by FarmGirl, and hosted by her whole family. "Mountains!" you're thinking. Nope. We were in a part of Colorado where the terrain is less geographically interesting, though I liked it. The people there are quiet, and fiercely independent.

Plump woman at the Loaf 'N' Jug? That's a small auto on her belt.

We showed up early in the sleepy little town, and decided to nap in the car outside the breakfast restaurant, waiting for our friends to arrive. I just bought a NOOK. You may ask, what's a nook. It is basically an electronic book. An E-reader. I LOVE it. But I recently came across a paper by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Martin Uribe who ask the same question using a more conventional model: The Making of a Great Contraction with a Liquidity Trap and a Jobless Recovery. S. e. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned in this article. Even as U. Paulette Miniter, columnist for SmartMoney. To the list of these conditions I think can be added the operation of hymenoplasty, an operation to restore a ruptured hymen, in order to convey the illusion of virginity. My use of the word illusion is quite deliberate. You can restore the anatomy but virginity, once gone is gone forever. Before my stance is misinterpreted I have to say that I am entirely in sympathy with this procedure being done on the NHS. I disagree totally with those who feel that this is a purely cosmetic procedure. Bearing in mind that many of these women live in a situation where “honour killing” is a very real threat, even in the UK, I think there is a strong argument that this is in fact a life saving procedure. Honour killing is a strange term. I don’t see much honour in a group of armed men targeting and murdering a single defenceless woman. Freedom of speech is under attack again.

Cardiff Councillor John Dixon is in hot water for describing scientology as "stupid".

Seems a pretty accurate description to me. This apparently is contrary to the councillors code of conduct which demands "respect and consideration to others. " Once again this constitutes "interference with a convention right" and is I believe unlawful. Mr Wood obviously feels that his ludicrous delusion should not be criticised. This cult has a reputation for attacking and harassing anyone who attacks them.

Although Mr Cameron has promised to preserve front line services it would be naive to assume the NHS is going to escape the axe.

The differences between the two types of trust are set out on their web site here. Perhaps it is just cynical old me but the differences described don’t fill me with enthusiasm.

It looks mostly like window dressing and waffle to me.

Thomas hasn't changed a lot. He's stillaffectionate,hilarious,enthusiastic,inquiring,irrepressible,and the family clown. Some things have changed. He learned to ride a bike,and grew a tooth -but he'll always be our Thomas. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen. “Any of various cereal plants or grains, especially the principal crop cultivated in a particular region, such as wheat in England or oats in Scotland. ” Of course, if you had just believed the Bible you wouldn’t have needed to go to the dictionary. It would have defined itself. The Law of Moses did not prohibit one from simply putting something in your mouth. These disciples weren’t working. The Anti-Intellectual Manifesto by Dr. Peter S. It's a great read and funny if you can handle being offended. Most modern Christians are too limp wristed to handle Ruckman. How one defines "important" is up to the reader. As one can see below, the choices span a wide range of traditions. One may also notice that the authors range from practicing magicians to folklorists. For the purpose of this poll I have included individual books and book series, as many series constitute a large single system of practices. Additionally, some books have been published as multiple volumes and later as single volumes. I have also included the choice of "Other", as there are assuredly many very important books not included in this list. You can find the poll in the column to the right. Django Unchained is a modern addition to a long-standing string of movies with the word "Django" in the title. But that's ok. Many of these films have nothing to do with each other. This Quentin Tarantino movie has been called an homage. I'm glad I saw it, both because I'm gradually working my way through the Django movies and because Tarantino is worth checking out. I won't see it again. You can see more of his work online at WikiArt. I love yellow flowers in the Autumn. I have a wild sunflower that blooms this time of year, and I enjoy them, and chrysanthemums, and whatever else yellow and flowering I can find. It cheers me. It worked fine her way. This is part of my quest to watch all of Lee Van Cleef's films.

I just love him and never turn down a chance to watch one of his movies.

He has a double role as twin brothers in this one. Jack Palance and Leif Garrett also star. This has a basic revenge plot, with one Lee Van Cleef brother seeking vengeance for the death of the other. Fistful of Pasta calls it "a rather late yet entertaining entry to the genre". Spaghetti-Western. The Daughter texted me and said she had the whole day off and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch. Sweet! The place she picked was Genghis Grill, where I had never been. We chose most of the same foods, but I got fried rice and she got white. The food was good, and the waitress was friendly. In warmer weather the little patio would be a nice place to eat. reclining on her throne. I heard this on the radio this past week-end. Short People is a Randy Newman song:He also did God's Song:. Col. Matthew where our Lord encounters controversies with the religious leaders of the day, is rejected by them, and ultimately leads to His cross. It raises a perennial question, why are there good and bad in the world? And He gives us this parable of the wheat and the weeds.

Later in the Gospel, the disciples ask Him to explain the parable.

The Lord tells them that the sower is the Son of Man, the field is the world, the good seed are the citizens of the kingdom, and the weeds are the followers of the evil one, all evildoers.

The mystery is that the darnel, a certain type of weed, looks very much like wheat. In the parable, the sower tells the servants not to pull up the weeds, they may pull up the wheat as well. Only God knows the hearts of men and their deeds, and at the harvest, the end of the world, He will render judgment. There is a sense in which this shows the inexorable quality of grace, of the mercy of God, and of hope. Prescinding from the metaphor of the parable, there is always the good hope that even the most hardened sinner will repent, reform, and return to the Lord. Hello folks, just a note to let you know I have a new number you can contact me on. This is also a blackberry phone so now I will be able to answer your mails much faster, even when I am out and about doing my thing! I will also be updating my website with the new contact details and the new address to this blog for those who have not yet found me. Hurrah for technology!. Strangely the pet bird didn't get a letter. In between changing radiators, stripping wallpaper and replacing skirting board, I've managed to get a little bit of 'fun' modelling done on my mini N layout project. The farm has been populated with cattle and machinery and the pond now plays host to a small family of ducks. The cows are from Langley Models and I've painted them up as a herd of South Devon cattle, in the distinctive orangey-brown shade. This sort of suits the loosely GWR-theme of the layout. The little pagoda style halt is in place and now only lacks a platform sign.

Follow this link for details on how to order a copy at a discount price.

My stock of Irish-themed locos, stock and scenics is growing very slowly but the situation is leading inexorably to a real desire for an Irish layout. But how, where and when. Southwards along the Pennine Way, looking out over the Yorkshire Dales, to where a different path would cut across country. Then around to the bottom two locks of the Bank Newton flight, which proved a good spot for out picnic. The kids managed it all really well. After a short break, a visit to the ice-cream van by Highland lock was in order, and then down through the village again to the recreation area alongside the River Aire. It's spectacular. The children made friends with Honey, played ball with her, and chatted with her owner Carol. That was a really nice encounter. Boat, bus, train, bus, car. But not bicycle or pony and trap. m. , via Tattenhall Marina, Chester, Crewe, Stafford and Great Haywood. The only significant difficulty was walking all over Stafford, trying to find out where the bus for Great Haywood left from. But by then we were an hour ahead of ourselves, having made some very timely connections at Chester and Crewe. All in all, a rather unusual day's travelling. We didn't remember the locks on this stretch of the Shroppie with any great fondness. Some of the paddles and gates are seriously hard work. Yesterday, in the morning service at a nearby church, two friends of ours renewed their marriage vows. But this was different. The last four years have been difficult. Various issues surfaced and led to a separation. The house was sold, finances were difficult, times were tough. But, crucially, both of them had the right sort of support from people who walked with them through the difficulties, without taking sides, being honest without being judgmental. At first there seemed little hope of a reconciliation. .