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Rainwater falling on natural open ground will in part lie on the surface of impermeable soils, evaporate to air, run off to streams and rivers and soak into the ground.

On permeable soils much of the rainwater will soak into the ground as ground water. The level of the water table will vary seasonally, being closest to the surface during rainy seasons and deeper during dry seasons when most evaporation to air occurs.

In Part C of the Building Regulations is a requirement for subsoil drainage, to avoid passage of ground moisture to the inside of a building or to avoid damage to the fabric of the building.

It did not work because it would not light up the screen. The problem was most likely the inverter. It will not work without the base. So if you apply power to the screen and expect it to work, it will not. So Dad and I left a wedding on Saturday night, and drove across the Texas Panhandle and the Oklahoma Panhandle to end up in Colorado, at a blogmeet first proposed by FarmGirl, and hosted by her whole family.

"Mountains!" you're thinking.

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A proportion of tax collected goes to the Department of International Development, essentially a department to dish out overseas aid. In effect this is enforced charitable donation, but very few people take issue with this as, despite our current impoverished status, we are as a nation vastly wealthier than many, and overseas aid is usually money well spent.


It now transpires that it was this department that footed the bill for the visit of the pope to the UK. Correct me if I am wrong but the Vatican is not exactly impoverished now is it. Well I want my sixpence back. I recently posted a clip of a fictitious exchange between an anaesthetist and an orthopaedic surgeon, casting the surgeon in a less than flattering light. Here is the view from the other side. Sky Diving In what was an unplanned item in my bucket list, I managed to do the exciting tandem Skydive Adventure at Wollongong. There we filled in a few declaration forms and were whisked away to gear up, perform some safety drills and then met with our respective flight captains. And before we knew it, the doors opened up, and the first pair of Skydivers just fell off the sky. This was followed by a few more and it was my turn at no. First is the general containment which applies external pressure to the muscle groups, the second is an encouraged venous return achieved by a graduated pressure reducing from the limb extremity back toward the torso/heart. With muscle vibration the body expends energy trying to stabilize the muscle group. Is is just me, or does everyone get excited by the way dumplings expand to more than twice their original size when you cook them? It's like getting something for nothing. Two minutes to mix, three minutes in the microwave, and there they are, soft, puffy and delicious. Alison Holst is deservedly famous in her native New Zealand. I use her cookbooks more than any of the others on my shelf. And the dumplings? They were delicious. There is little supervision of the new believer to see if a changed life is the result of a true conversion. It is a very difficult situation today. Oil is a type of the Holy Spirit often and frankincense is one of the gifts brought to the child Jesus by the wise men. So, this meat offering is a type of Christ. The priests of God get to partake in this offering. Hope ya have a Happy New Year!!. Anyone Can Do It: by John Paul Keith and The One Four Fives, Memphis musicians. lyric excerpt:Well, if you want to be a hero Not a rock and roll zero Even you can have a hit sound If you let 'em find you face down Yeah there's really nothin' to it Anyone can do it. To be honest, I think each film in this series is fine. It's just that the more of them I see, the less interested I am in seeing any of them again. I didn't finish watching this one. I'll get back to it, I'm sure. trailer:Rolling Stone says, "Harrison Ford is in peak form in Clear and Present Danger. One day last week, The Daughter and I went to some of the smaller thrift shops around looking for. oh, just whatever we could find. This sign, from the store pictured above, was the most interesting thing we saw: Oh, dear!. We identified the Slate-colored Junco in my back yard while I was growing up. We call them "snow birds". They look striking against the snow with their dark backs and heads and their light bellies. We don't see them in the Summer but have been seeing them on the patio since October hopping and skittering about. They seem especially interested in the coleus seeds. Tennessee's Watchable Wildlife has information, including a range map. The photo at the top of the post is in the public domain and was found at Wikipedia. It's a Spanish-Mexican work filmed in Spain. A ghost story featuring children and an orphanage in war time, there's plenty of tragic drama here. I was in tears by the end, but The Younger Son sees it as a hopeful movie. "What is a ghost? A tragedy doomed to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Since that's all but one of these, this list doesn't help me much for the summer. My list of SF series book for the summer follows:Culture Series, by Iain M. Banks. I picked up Excession the other day. I still need Inversions and Matter. Galactic Center Saga, by Gregory Benford. This site reports: "one of St. Ours' recent projects, a seven minute short called "Outliers," is an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival. " They list Lucas Krost as the director. OUTLIERS from MONDIAL CREATIVE LABS on Vimeo.

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Despite lacking the important wires, the masts look impressive and installation really couldn't be easier.

Should make a good rainy weekend project for the future. CHAMFER: Now chamfers the first and last segments of an open polyline to create a closed object. CONVERTPSTYLES: Now retains spaces in the names of converted plot styles. DIMBASELINE: By default, the baseline dimension now inherits the style of the dimension that is being continued. This setting is affected by DIMCONTINUEMODE. DIMCONTINUE: By default, the continued dimension now inherits the style of the dimension that is being continued. Bearing & Power Transmission Distribution - Essential Industrial. essentialindustrial. co. Years, that is. Little sign, then, of all the grief he would cause later on! Now I'm not very good at birthdays, neither my own nor anybody else's. We have something special planned for next year as a joint celebration, and a sudden fit of inspiration led to an idea in which Sons One to Three will also take part – but that's for next month. Today saw us merely planning to cruise something under a mile back to our home base in Great Haywood Marina. My best beloved decided this was inadequate, and invited me out for breakfast. Alas, the fire is long gone, all bricked up and closed in. It didn't feel very cosy at all, so we decided to walk down to Shugborough instead. That took us across the Trent, all sparkly in the morning sunshine, though the one heron on view looked distinctly chilly. Down to the entrance to the estate – only to find that they've already closed up for the winter, with various refurbishments in hand before they open again next spring. Lazy start, hot day, stop with friends, encounter with some others – doesn't make for as many miles as intended, but it was a good day. We called in at The Taft, where Peter and Julie Thorn have NB Maid of Oak moored at the bottom of their garden, just along from the Freeman's Diesel Boat, near Wolseley Bridge. Peter was out, but we had coffee and cake with Julie. We left to get down to Rugeley for some shopping, but found ourselves passing a boat with an Antipodean flag on the cratch. I called out to ask how many stars it had – you don't want to mix up the nationalities of our upside-down cousins. It's been a great day for cruising – first thing on the agenda was a few more swing bridges. We pulled in for water, and then waited our turn to go down the flight. We waited a long time – about two hours. These five locks are a staircase – the bottom gates of one lock are the top gates of the next. A few minutes after you exit these, there's another flight of three built on the same principle. The way they operate them means that it's better use of water to bring several boats through in one direction, and then several through in the other. The need to stick to a system means you don't operate them yourself – it has to be done by CRT staff, with just incidental help from boaters. The Peak herons just look at you scornfully, as you pass, for daring to disturb their patch. One minute the sun was shining bright, and the next freezing rain was being blown straight into our faces. Now we have a decision. .