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From a diabetic to one who is running marathons, not only in Singapore, but international as well.

He knew that he lacked exercise but had no motivation to start. Peter tells these Jewish Christians not to shocked at the persecution they are apparently about to suffer. Remember, he already said that the end times were upon them. In God’s rhetorical interrogation of Job He asks several questions which may seem perplexing to us. Aristotle, as late as the third century BC, attributed thunder to a collision between clouds. This is a frightening prospect if we consider what the Bible is telling us that even in a seemingly random process God is in control. Did you ever imagine that? If you remember the old Zen koan, “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Here, God speaks about how He causes all things, even where man is nowhere around to witness the things.

It rains in places where man is not to soak the parched ground and cause plants to grow that man will never see.

Think about this. From the dense forests of Borneo to the jungles of Brazil there is life and there are events happening that we will never know about experientially. It's the story of a woman who is dissatisfied with her life as a school principal after having served heroically as a fighter pilot.

I watched it when Hulu offered it as one of their free films.

You can still see it there, but you need to subscribe to their service. short clip:Senses of Cinema says,Wings follows the picaresque form in emphasising the protagonist Nadezhda’s similarly troubled movement through a world following war, a world with its own pressures and problems that appear to weigh on the ex-pilot even more heavily as she struggles with the everyday torments of family, job and relationships. It is in this respect that Wings emerges as an almost paradigmatic European art cinema text. DVD Talk says,This character study in war-induced ennui and inter-generational conflict engendered considerable controversy within a nation not yet ready to publicly acknowledge the lingering psychological effects of the Great Patriotic War. Despite the controversy, Wings established Shepitko's place among the contemporary vanguard of young Soviet filmmakers. TCM has an article calling it "remarkable" and "superbly crafted in every way". I thoroughly enjoyed this page-turner and will keep my copy. I'll add the others in the series to my shelf as time goes by and look forward to reading them. Easy is drinking in a friend's bar, wondering how he'll meet his mortgage when a white man in a linen suit walks in, offering good money if Easy will simply locate Miss Daphne Mont, a blonde beauty known to frequent black jazz clubs. We have the Criterion edition of this film. It is worth watching and watching again. Star Wars was influenced by this film, and there's more interest in that angle now that more Star Wars films are being made.

I've been engaged with this work for quite some time and am sad it's ended.

I have been immersed in this family through its life over the generations and almost feel like I know them. This book was a joy to read. I've spent years reading this, putting it aside when it didn't suit my mood. It always drew me back for more. my favorite quotes:"There will be new attacks of pain each time, no matter how many loved ones you lose. I love the way she writes and pick up everything I see by her. Her main characters tend to be intellectual women, and the books explore their lives and emotions. It's not that there isn't plenty going on in this book, but most of the movement seems to me to be going on inside the main character. Here's a sample of descriptive writing from the middle of the book:I realized to my surprise that the year had turned. Shorter days and longer nights were upon us. It stars Jennifer Connelly and Charles Durning. I like Charles Durning, and this is a beautiful and interesting movie. It gets quite bizarre towards the end. via youtube:TCM has an overview. I've just added it to the dictionary so I don't keep getting that problem. G. DickThe Handmaiden's Tale, by Margaret AtwoodThe Giver, by Lois Lowery Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne CollinsI've read the ones in bold print. Dick book. I'm not interested in fiction that features Nazis, although I love horror films that do, so I'll be skipping Swastika Night. Lately, I've been looking in antique shops specifically for appealing cups and saucers, especially blue ones, without much luck. This one's a treat, though. It's Homer Laughlin Harlequin pattern in turquoise. I'd love to have one in yellow. It came from the antique mall in Bartlett: Not much to look at from the outside but plenty of treasures once you get inside. The tea came from the local Chinese grocery and is quite nice. I think this'll do for a while.

The box describes it as "a premium grade Oolong.

". Death provides boring narration off and on throughout. " The acting is horrific. The music is bizarrely inappropriate. John Carradine is in this, but he can't save it from its heavy-handed plodding. The scenery is good, but you could just watch a travelogue if that's what you're most interested in. Shadow of the Vampire, starring John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe, tells a fictionalized account of the making of Murnau's film Nosferatu. Max Schreck was a real vampire. Who knew? We believe it and will definitely watch this one again. trailer:Moria says, "The sense of verisimilitude achieved is strikingly well done. " Salon. Not only does it have the celebrated Malkovich and Dafoe in the key roles, but even the supporting cast features a number of respected players. and says of Willem Dafoe:He embodies the Schreck of "Nosferatu" so uncannily that when real scenes from the silent classic are slipped into the frame, we don't notice a difference. Lee MartinezAltered Carbon by Richard K. The author lists more in an "Other notable titles" section, but I've read none of those. Yet another sub-genre of which I'm woefully ignorant. Of course, Star Dates were iffy at best as far as continuity goes, so I'm not sure about assigning them to periods in the past. There are other calculators. Sermon given by Fr. The sacred things of God are set apart by barriers. These layers of sacred barriers increase until we reach where He Who is Most Holy abides. This we see in the construction of the Temple in the Old Testament, which was divided into courts, and this we also see in the construction of the church, which is likewise divided up into parts - the vestibule, the nave, the sanctuary, the altar, the tabernacle. Each is a step or barrier closer to the center, where He Who is Most Sacred resides. We can see this design of barriers toward the most sacred in the prayers at Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. In the center of the Mass is the most sacred part - the Consecration. This was a week of some ups and downs. I felt good enough by Tuesday to do a cautious version of the interval workout - doing the minimum number of reps and not pushing the pace. I felt good after that workout, and so continued to build my miles. However, I did note some trouble signs later in the week - basically insomnia and a slightly elevated resting HR, plus feeling a bit mentally fuzzy and blue, with concentration issues. Monday is always an off day anyway, but depending on how I feel, I may skip next Tuesday's workout as well in favor of easy running. Mrs D spots an interesting ad in Aber The intrepid Mrs Dent has been travelling a lot with her job in the past year: Canada, Holland, Exeter, London, Bonnie Scotchland and, most recently, the delightful Welsh seaside town of Aberystwyth. She duly obliged, but this has to be the stand out image, taken within the Univeristy. Is it real, or a clever mock-up in the Scarfolk style? I'll let you make your own minds up. !. Standing proud of the roof, the panel is tricky to get right as it needs to be folded to just the right shape so as not to look lopsided. This took quite a time to get right, with plenty of trial runs before finally gluing in place. The exhaust covers are next to be fitted, but the kit parts need modifying first. A lovely package from the folks at Fox Transfers gave the project a nudge, with a pack of 'Big T' Transrail transfers, plus etched nameplates and BR double arrows. Peter Harvey at PH Designs has also just sent me some etched bogie footsteps that will enhance the sideframes no end. All I need now is to order the right shades of Railmatch enamel paints for the triple-grey colour scheme and find some replacement oval buffers.

Oh, and a set of etched cab windscreens and glazing from Shawplan's superb Extreme Etches range.


ipd. uk. citybearings. co. uk/City Bearings provides an excellent service & swift delivery to our customers, We stock many leading brands including Tellure Rota, SNR, Fenner, Tsubaki,. A different sort of day today. We stayed parked up at Fazeley.

Nicholson's take on Fazeley is that the town doesn't quite live up to the attractiveness suggested by the waterfront.

Hm… But since our friends David and Mary live in a house just across the cut, with a mooring for their renowned narrowboat Kew, we're not going to say anything further. Anyway, a number of boats have been arriving in preparation for the Boaters' Christian Fellowship bash this weekend. Actually it really started last night, when eight of us patronised The Ivory Tusk for varying types of curry, and continues tonight with a get-together in St Paul's church hall. The main event is tomorrow, and I'm running a session in the morning on one of BCF's values. So it's been back into educator mode. I prepared the session and printed off some handouts before we left home, and today I did the bulk of the work on a presentation. .