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Good food, fun, music, libations and hot waitresses, what else would you expect from Easyriders? Outside bikini-clad honeys offered to wash your scooter, and inside the steakhouse was serving up grub to a grateful biker nation. A rockin’ band in the bar kept the crowd entertained non-stop. On Thursday morning the Paisano crew invited the biggest players in the motorcycle after market to a breakfast to introduce our latest publication, ROAD IRON. A few of the luminaries that were present are shown below. Everyone is excited about the new magazine, on the newsstands now. The Easyriders Saloon is open year-around, so be sure to check it out the next time you are in the area. A year or so ago I was frustrated with the ground clamp on the TIG welding machine in our support shop at work. One of the problems was the new welding table we were using. We had moved the entire welding operation from the basement lab area and plunked it down in the middle of the machine shop. Having the welding machine upstairs turned out to be the best thing we could have done. An added benefit was the adjacent machine shop always seems to need a weld here and there. Denial of truth is sometimes disguised as kindness. When we do not tell others the things we know they need to hear for fear of hurting their feelings we treasure human respect more than salvation. Add to that a general ignorance of the Church's authentic teachings, and you get the general situation we find ourselves in today: many are languishing spiritually, going through all the motions of Catholic life without any perceptible spiritual benefit. Proper celebration of the faith and life of the Church should unfailingly lead to serenity and hope despite the vicissitudes of life. Faith must have as its foundation an ongoing investigation and acceptance of the truths the Church teaches. When sacramental celebration and prayer flow from this firm foundation, the faithful are able to reap the benefits of our Catholic Faith. The following is from a bulletin in Indiana.

How refreshing to be reminded of the truth, and of the liturgical sanity of Holy Mother Church sometimes so sorely lacking in many places.

Some people have asked me about the Sign of Peace. They note that in most cases we omit the line, 'Let us offer each other the Sign of Peace … ' during Masses in the Ordinary Form. Dozens of people have thanked for me this. One person inquired as to why. And, the fact is that everyone is always free to 'offer the Sign of Peace' to their neighbor. Here is the 'why' part: Like many things in the celebration of Mass in the Ordinary Form, the Sign of Peace is optional. Apropos of my recent posts, some thoughts and numbers. My Salamander seems to be selling about two copies a day at this point, and it looks as though the rate is drifting up despite no serious further promotion by me, possibly as positive word of mouth spreads. Suppose I assume, optimistically, that it makes it to ten copies a day, hardly a best seller. It could maintain such a rate for a very long time without significantly reducing the pool of potential fantasy readers who had not yet read it. For an author who could add one more book each year to the inventory, the trickle would be growing. As best I can tell it has so far sold about three copies.

My guess, from past self-publishing experience within the medieval recreation hobby, is that we can expect to eventually sell a thousand or so into that market, probably over a period of several years.

Again a significant amount of money, but nothing close to enough for an author to live on, at least in this part of the world. I have so far sent out one review copy to a major newspaper that provided me with an address to send it to, several to web sites that review cookbooks. It is a familiar observation that political parties are coalitions containing a variety of ideologies and interest groups. It is a little less obvious that ideologies too are coalitions. Consider the American conservative movement of the fifties and sixties. It was made up of at least three distinct groups: Traditionalist conservatives, classical liberals/libertarians, and southern conservatives, in large part populist. The modern American left is also a coalition. Someone who thinks of himself as a leftist is probably in favor of increasing environmental regulation, redistribution in favor of the poor, greater government regulation of business, gay rights, feminism, prohibition of private discrimination on any of a considerable variety of grounds. He is probably against aggressive foreign policy, anti-nuclear, suspicious of law enforcement and the criminal justice system but supportive of class actions, punitive damages, and similar features of the tort system. In that coalition too, there are potential strains. For someone in favor of helping poor people, the economic development of China and India is arguably the best news of the past fifty years. The church in Salamanca is installing a wheelchair lift. Or should I say that I am installing a lift. We had to rent a truck and drive all the way to Syracuse to get it. Once we got it to the church the next problem is where to store it until we can install it. The only level place big enough is the foyer. The next problem is that there is a concrete wall in the way. The good news is that there was a window there so the header is already in place. I cut a hole in the wall and removed the old window casing so we could work on the concrete and stone wall. With it I cut grooves into the stone and concrete wall. Some of the people that I respect keep calling me a "Mother Hen. See next blog entry. The winds blow the clouds where they may.

This nation declared its independence.

It seems silly to say "this nation," when you consider how different it is now from that fledgling creature that barely took off, and somehow flew. It retained its name.

It retained its origins.

It retained its founders as its founders. Whether officially or not, it retained its language, more or less. Ideals have changed.

Goals have changed.

Besides being consumed fresh, the red dragon fruit can be processed into cordial, jam,wine and other products. This natural food coloring is safe to be used because it does not have any side effects and no harm to our health. Young shoots can be cooked just like we cook lady's finger. Its nutritious.

There is another source vegetable which had medicinal value in our diet.

The dry flowers can be processed to make tea. The potential of the dragon fruit plantation to increase is very bright due to untapped downstream activities of its by products. Good morning! I never did get a chance to post this. In case you haven't noticed I have been terribly busy these last few months and that has caused a bit of neglect on my blog. Lately there are not a enough hours in a day. It's a busy couple of months full of kids, vacations and outdoor fun. SO pardon my absence!!!! I promise I will be back and much more dedicated in about. Seventeen years ago, I walked into the chaplaincy office at a university in Melbourne. I'd just been given a job: the first staffworker at a very young Christian university group. Those were our resources.

I might be exaggerating the numbers.

A year or two later, the chaplain left, and my husband took over the ministry. How do you do it in practice? Last week I shared an excerpt from Martyn Lloyd Jones's Exposition of Ephesians where he talks about the "principle" of putting off the old self. This week, I'd like to share his "practical application", where he tells us how to put off the old self. If you're observant, you'll notice that these"how to's" are very similar to Tim Chester's in You Can Change. Martyn Lloyd Jones's first three points are really about faith: remembering who we are in Jesus. His fourth and last are about repentance: turning from sin. His fifth point is about avoiding temptation, one of Chester's strategies for supporting faith and repentance that we'll cover later this term. In October I add my own money, and we pack a couple of shoeboxes full of goodies, to send to "poor children" during Operation Christmas Child. We just received a newsletter from Samaritan's Purse about last Christmas' shoe box deliveries. she just loves learning so much. But her solo father is very poor and struggles to provide her with pens, pencils and paper to maintain her passion for drawing and writing. When she opened her box, she shouted "Look!" and held up several packs of pencils, pens and other stationary. Her teachers were almost in tears, as they were so grateful that she received that particular box! No-one else knew this girl's particular needs and the contents of this particular box, but God knew. And Christian workers in Tavua have found that the shoeboxes have softened the hearts of many who were resistant to the gospel. Like most of us, the Jews were taught so many errors that they were unable to understand the truth when it was presented to them. Many Christians are blind to great Bible truths because they’ve been taught so many errors by preachers whose main concern was their work for Christ rather than Christ. Judge what you are told by the Bible, not the Bible by what you are told. The gospels are a transition with the Old Testament in force until Christ is dead and risen. Acts is a transition which shows the changing history of the early church until all truth is revealed to them that they are going to get. The Bible here promises that if you are generous to give to those who are less fortunate than yourself you will not lack what you need.

This verse, written under the Law, to the inhabitants of the kingdom of Israel, promises a physical reward for a physical offering.

Christians, too, are told of the importance of generosity, particularly to their poorer brothers and sisters in Christ, and to all men in general. The Christian attitude toward giving is clearly preached by Paul as he talks to the Corinthian church. The context here is in helping poorer churches. He was born in Spain. Great leaders do not memorialize or glorify their defeats and disasters in monuments but only their successes. Let this be a lesson to you when you can not find a monument in Egypt dedicated to the loss of the Pharaoh and all of his army in the Red Sea at the Exodus. It would be ludicrous to expect to find such a monument. By claiming that pagan Rome was the kingdom of the anti-Christ and that Nero was, indeed, the Beast, it was hoped to divert attention from the widespread Protestant belief that the Papacy was the very anti-Christ spoken of as the Beast in Revelation. Hi my name is Juana Torres I am from Guanajuato Mexico. i kike Mexican food and i like to party alot. Some other manufacturers that did this treatment from time to time was Studebaker, Willys, Hudson, Nash and even Packard did a few. It's a sad story -lost children, lost culture, hope delayed and beautifully told. via youtube: trailer: Moria praises the performances.

Rolling Stone says, "Alive with beauty, spirit and wit, Roan Inish is pure magic.

" Time Out says, "Tales within tales, a subtle sense of economic and social realities, fine landscape photography and strong performances make for an engrossing, unusual fantasy. EW gives it a B+ and says, "Only when the last seal has looked squarely into the camera do you realize how notably unsentimental and casually magical Inish is". It's based on the manga series Lupin III. I'd seen this a few times before, and it's one of The Younger Son's favorites. The Husband didn't have much response to this one. We watched the English dub. The characters are nicely done, and the plot is well-paced. If you haven't watched any foreign animation this might be a good place to start. It stars Maria Callas. I have seen this and didn't watch it again for this post. Youtube has it in pieces. The New York Times says, ""Medea" is uneven, but I admire the reckless courage of its conception, even when it goes wrong. Youtube has it in pieces. The conference included Low Mass, Benediction, potluck dinner and a talk by Fr. " - EN PHOTO. This sewing pattern is for a beautiful ruffled skirt. The skirt is easy and very quick to sew. The three yoyos form the perfect embellishment making it different from the skirts you see everywhere. The ruffles can be made in any two coordinating fabrics of your choice or in one single color. Pair it with a T-shirt or a girly top.

On the other hand if the pattern can be interpreted in a few straight lines, that would be explained to perfection without the added hassle of cutting and gluing the pattern pieces.

” That is true if you said it now, but you will not say it now.

When you say it, it will be wonderfully true. I came across an expression in the novel "A Portrait of Jennie" describing a landlady: "Her eyes were steeped in bitterness. ". Judging by this week, I’m in pretty good shape. So, in good shape. And so the temptation to try to top it off with one or two great workouts and pull out a bit more improvement. Nope. Yoga plus foam rolling at night. Floor Barre class plus foam rolling at night.

Foam rolling in the evening.

Having convinced myself that I deserve an early Christmas present, I opted for a lovely green Heljan Clayton, having looked longingly at a few on the Heljan stand at Warley. I just need to fit the amazingly delicate etched fans and grilles given me by Mr Hanson of Shawplan. I also want to do something about the cab interior. And a nice, gentle weathering job. Watch this space - or, indeed, the pages of Model Rail. We've tied up tonight in a spot that will give us just a short run into Stratford-upon-Avon tomorrow. Got to find a nice mooring there with a theatre-going evening in prospect! But this hospitable lock appears to have three names. First up is Weir Brake. Then the plaque also calls it "Anonymous" Lock, to honour the contributions of those financial benefactors of the river restoration who wished to remain anonymous. If you can make out the writing, you will see that Eric Pritchard appears again, who we mentioned on Monday. Obviously his welding was in much demand. However, if you cross to the other side, there's another plaque. They obviously didn't want Gordon Gray's contribution to remain anonymous after he had gone. But what is even more intriguing is the wording above his name: "this lock built by Borstal boys and other volunteers". Now many readers younger than I may never even have heard of the Borstal institutions. Let's just say they targeted young male offenders, and had a "corrective" ethos. We've ordered some booster seats for the car journey from the airport, and our friend Jon will lend us a couple of life-jackets. Perhaps we should get a couple more for ourselves, in case the kids get boisterous! The boating itself is bound to provide lots of fun and exercise. But we're also trying to plan a route that will take in a range of additional energy-sapping opportunities, preferably of the sort where the children can burn calories by themselves, while we quietly take on a few in some shady corner near by. Other boating bloggers report great times with kids on board. So far we've done the grandparenting thing in fairly small doses. .