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How cool is this? Recently added to the massive line of Paughco chopper products this OLD-STF “KICK” pedal is cast from solid brass and incorporates in-your-face “KICK” lettering.


We willingly spend our treasure for what we want.

I enjoy traveling and the experience it brings of new people, places and things. After recent travels in the Eurozone, however, I had more than one occasion to question whether the "treasured" opportunity of traveling was truly worth the expenditure of "treasure" required of me by the unfavorable exchange rate!We value our families: they are "treasure" for all of us. In the Gospel the Lord tells us what is the sign that someone has found that which they truly treasure: a willingness to sell all they have in order to gain it. In the first reading God, the "giver of every good gift", and the source of every blessing offers King Solomon whatever he desires: “Ask something of me and I will give it to you. ” Solomon demonstrates the gift of wisdom in asking for an "understanding heart". Doesn't Solomon already have a treasure, itself necessary to make such a wise and holy request possible? Solomon has the treasure of true wisdom, itself already a gift from God. The understanding heart is a heart of love and is a pre-condition for a true appreciation of God and all that he gives, including the treasure of marriage and family life. I live a small life. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Steve made my day. On his afternoon walk, he saw some seaweed lying on the beach. He thought to himself, "that almost looks like a heart. " He shaped it perfectly and took a picture. After my last class left for the day, I checked my phone and saw an e-mail from Steve titled "heart" and found this sweet picture from Steve. A little gesture with a big message. "We just have one life. The faithful of the world are encouraged to wait with "patience and optimism" in the face of the monumental task of poring over the numerous documents of the case. For this reason there is a refusal to set a date for the conclusion of the first phase required before the late pope is declared "venerable". Credit: This Presentation May Qualify for. I go on to explain that "market failure" is an example of that problem. It does not describe all ways in which markets can fail and it is not limited to markets. As I define it, market failure describes a situation where individual rationality does not lead to group rationality. In each of these cases, each actor is making the correct decision for himself but every actor would be better off, at least on average, if they all made a different decision. I have just been redoing the argument as a chapter for the third edition of my first book, The Machinery of Freedom. In doing so, it occurred to me to wonder in what sense what I have been saying is true. I wish to find and open a file—say Switch, a useful program for doing things with sound files. My application folder contains about a hundred and fifty applications and folders, arranged in alphabetical order. To simplify the search for the one I want, I start by pressing S on my keyboard. The window now shows, as its bottommost file, Safari, the first application that starts with S. Since the file listed at the bottom of the window is the first one starting with S, every other application whose name begins with that letter is now off screen. To get to the file I want, I will have to scroll further down. Apple is famous for the elegance of its user interface, but in this case it got it wrong. Pressing S ought to either put Safari at the top of the window or System Preferences, the last S file, at the bottom. Either of those would put Switch where I want it—visible. Until Apple makes that simple fix, I will simply have to remember, when I want to find Switch, to press T. In The Transparent Society, David Brin argued that developments in surveillance technology were leading us to a world where everything you did would be observed, recordable, and searchable. The best we could hope for was transparency in both directions, a world where the cops can watch us but we can also watch them.

Early evidence that he might be right appeared in incidents where police officers made the mistake of misbehaving when someone had a video camera—more recently a cell phone—pointed at them.

Thinking about the WikiLeaks case, it occurred to me that it was a further development in the same direction. The origin of the information was a conventional leak, not high tech surveillance. But it is modern technology that makes it virtually impossible for the governments affected to prevent widespread public distribution of the leaked information. Tweet The general limitation of wall thickness given for stability is that solid walls of brick or block should be at least as thick as one-sixteenth of the storey height. This is a limiting slenderness ratio relating thickness of wall to height, measured between floors and floor and roof that provide lateral support and give stability up the height of the wall. Tweet Rocks may be divided into three broad groups as igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. feed. entry. length. Have you noticed lately that you can but two bottles of medicine and then pour the second bottle into the first with room to spare? I see it all the time, a big deal, two jars for the price of one. They are both less than half full! Why not sell just one FULL jar for the price of one, and save on the environment?. My super thumper has been redesigned once again. Note the use of a plastic lid to cover the coil. The other day I heard God saying that there will be a wave of righteousness sweeping across this land. Evil has really abounded here and it is making many sick as they see the fruits of evil and corruption that is turning this land into a barren wasteland of high taxes and no jobs. It is time to turn this country back to God, and to leave the evil people standing by themselves wondering where everyone else went. All around this world the wave of revival is building, and as it approaches the shore it gets bigger and bigger. At first you cannot see it because it is just a swelling but as it gets closer to land it takes shape and you can see it forming into a huge wave that will sweep over the mountains. Sometimes I have posted some of my strange dreams in my blog, this is another one of those dreams. In my dream we were far out numbered, out weaponed, and loosing the war. We were retreating before the enemy. Okay, he's black enough. Nice. Pakistan has The Bomb. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. Pakistan borders Afghanistan, and is widely thought to be the haven to which Taliban bigwigs run when occupying Coalition U. S.

forces get too close.

Pakistan has a nasty little habit of selling nuclear technology to other rogue states. Pakistan has declared emergency martial law. Pin It. Good morning! I'm here with Markerpop today sharing a card. I have colored with Copic markers. The paper is Serenade from Bo Bunny and I used some black vintage seam binding. Thank you for stopping by today! Hugs, Pin It. It's Tuesday and time for a new challenge at Magnolia-licious! The challenge blog would like to see the colors "BROWN AND BLUES". I have used my favorite MME papers here. I just loveeeeee MME papers. My favorite and I can't wait to get my hands on the ones just released! I colored up "Tilda with Slate" using copics. I came by this the other day via a friend: A Liberal Decalogue, by the great philosopher Bertrand Russell. Thought you might enjoy it too. Do not feel absolutely certain of anything. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed. Well said Dan Snow!. . These weekend long runs will be the staple of the Falcon training program to build up a strong aerobic foundation for all participants. The Falcons were pretty happy to start off with Basebuild pace and were obviously enjoying themselves with the constant chatting and smiling whenever they catch sight of the camera person. Faber, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Sports Hub and of course ECP. The newbies did just as well as the more seasoned runners as they chugged up the MF slopes steadily, many with an air of confidence in them. Gangster Choppers - the "Blood Money" bike. In this eventful and hilarious production, called "The Kid Brother," Mr. This is a sweet film. Senses of Cinema closes its article with this:Tarkovsky’s film, in which an adult male can ask an unrelated young boy to the cinema with him in all innocence, is clearly a testament to a time of more innocent public discourse. That said, it is tinged with the pervasive sadness and rare moments of joy that make the best of Tarkovsky’s work so powerful. DVD Talk says,Whether you are a fan of Andrei Tarkovsky or not The Steamroller and the Violin is worth a look. Slant Magazine says, "The film's strikingly sweet though certainly unsentimental lyricism feels as if it exists in the imagination of a child. The Horla is a supernatural/horror short story by Guy de Maupassassant. Horror author H. P. Lovecraft said this of it: "this tense narrative is perhaps without peer in its particular department", and it's considered an influence on Lovecraft's Cthulhu stories. You can see photos of the works here. The Dixon site says, in part,The exhibition will fill the galleries, residence, and gardens with outstanding examples of varied contemporary art practices found in our city since the turn of the millennium. The works in Present Tense mark the seminal events in the artistic Renaissance that has taken place in Memphis over the past decade. I saw the plaque pictured above at Overton Park near the Memphis College of Art and was fascinated. It reads:Memphis Chapter Of American War Mothers A Tribute To Sophie G. Friedman For The Activities In Having Had Enacted First Marriage Law In Tennessee General Assembly Abolishing Child Marriage - Sponsored By Tennessee League Of Women Voters Finding information on her online wasn't easy, but it seems Ms. " She seems to have been active in issues concerning women and children, including the women's suffrage movement. It was apparently quite controversial in its day, showing too much of Jane Russell to get past the censors. TCM has an overview. oh dear oh dear! It seems I still have not learned how to be a good girl and have landed myself in trouble once again. This time it is Mr Nightingale's turn to show me the error of my ways. In detention yet again and thoroughly bored, Leia Ann is giving her House Master, Mr Nightingale, less than her full attention. Just enough in fact to make rude faces behind his back. Is he psychic? Or does he just know Leia Ann really well when he tells her he knows what she's doing? Poor Leia Ann, she's for it now and she only has herself to blame. Bet the caning she's about to get will generate some less funny faces. Enjoy folks! At Northern Spanking Now!. Several Tudor queens are associated with the Tower of London. Elizabeth of York, Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn all resided there the night before their coronations at Westminster Abbey, as did the Tudor queens regnant Mary I and Elizabeth I. “For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body—whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free—and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. However, on Thursday morning I checked the forecast, and noted that the rain I had been counting on for Saturday morning likely wasn't going to happen. And the pollen forecast for Saturday morning in Richmond was looking very high as a result. At that point, I decided to pull the plug on Monument Avenue. It's sad, because I love that race. Add in the pollen forecast, and it made DNSing a relatively easy call. So far so good. I was stiff afterwards, but no pain during or after. Plus some more moderate hills and a bit more faster running. My biggest concern right now remains making sure that I use the left leg correctly - I have a tendency to protect that hamstring, which is amplified by the fact that my left leg is noticeably weaker. So that's my focus. So running was happy this week, but the week was otherwise fairly sucky. I have reproduced it as unless you are a member of MYFC, you will not be able to read it. However, that expert magician Liam Daish put together a team of virtual strangers and made them into a powerhouse in the Blue Square South Division. .